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A call to arms!  

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Fasting for the Upcoming Presidential Election 

By Cheryl Dickow



Father John Riccardo, host of Catholic Radio’s “Christ is the Answer” speaks about fasting for the election.


…..Most recently Father was a guest on Catholic radio’s pledge drive and spoke of the need for fasting and praying in the time leading up to this November’s presidential election.   I asked Father if he would answer a few questions and he graciously agreed.  


Father, you’ve mentioned fasting and praying, on Fridays, for the election.   Could you give us a bit of direction on this and how we can join others in this cause?  

The sense of a need to fast for this election came some months ago now when our readings at daily Mass dealt with the history of the people of Israel during the reign of the various kings, and in particular with the reality that the life of the king effected the people as a whole. This is a concept we don’t keep in mind much in the US. We tend to think a person’s private life is entirely their own. Now, there’s some truth to that, but the idea that the life of a leader has no impact on the life of the nation he or she leads is entirely in contrast to the revealed Word of God. It was during that time that I felt the Lord put on my heart a deep conviction to not only fast myself but to invite others to do the same for God’s mercy and blessing upon our land until and specifically for the men and women running for public office. Perhaps many of us forgot, or are unaware, of how often some of our Founding Fathers would call the nation to pray and fast during certain times. As for the nuts and bolts of the fast, I myself just drink liquids on Fridays until dinner, and then break the fast at that time, trying to call to mind throughout the day the intention that I have. Some people, I know, can’t fast from foods for various reasons, but something else could easily be substituted in its place.  


Find the rest of the article HERE.



Please pray for Mercy and that the Good Lord will give our nation the leader we NEED and not the one we DESERVE.





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