Getting Organized, Getting Ready

I know I talk about this very regularly… and since I keep talking about it, I’m sure y’all think nothing actually gets done, but really, it does.


I am reordering, reorganizing, and dejunking around here again.  The first step was to get a new fish tank.  My wonderful sons, many years ago bought a 150 gallon tank for me.  I loved it.  It is a nice tank.  Only problem is I have run out of room for it.  When I got new furniture earlier this year, my living room suddenly was VERY full.  We had to move the fish tank.  We put it in the “front room” (the architect thought it was a dining room!) which we had used as a school room for many years.  But it’s just too crowded in there.  And it’s going to get more crowded.   Something’s got to go.  I purchased a 29 gallon standard tank to replace the 150 gallon (my fish population has dwindled significantly.)


The front room is now our “play room.”  We already had lots of the boy’s toys in there (but not much room to play) but now we’re going to really remake it into a nice space for him to play.  We need to take out any “extra” to make room for the things that will be coming in at Christmas time.  Today, I ordered a couple of things for the boy.


I ordered this nifty wooden easel.  It has wooden paint trays on both sides, a paper roll holder on tip, a “white board” surface on one side and a chalkboard surface on the other.  This is manufactured by a company named Beka.  They offer a wide variety of natural wood products, made right here in the USA!  (They also offer items for knitters!  They have a lovely tabletop Yarn Swift and a pretty cool Knitter’s Box! )





I also ordered this really cute, Made in America all-wood play kitchen.  This is manufactured by a company called “Elves and Angels.”  They have some really nice kitchens.  I love that this one has the two upper shelves on the backboard, a stainless sink, four “burners” and a little counter space for working.  There is also the oven door (right side) that pulls down and a cabinet or fridge door (we’ll see what he thinks it is!) on the left.  There is a shelf in the oven/cabinet section for easy storage of all the fun things that come along with kitchen play.  


I ordered both of these things from Heirloom Wooden Toys.  They offered free shipping (the kitchen weighs 70 pounds, so that’s a great thing!)  I’ve never done business with them, but I am confident it will be a great experience.  


My friend, Em, over at God’s Canvas will be making some really cool felt food to go along with this.  (I get the great pleasure of knitting for her beautiful kids!)  


I also orded (last week, I think) a couple more things from D and ME Toys.  Such fabulous, handcrafted wood toys!  We bought the boy their toolbox and tools last year.  It is STILL a favorite!


This is the Mini Car Assortment.  It’s a nice, fun collection of cars, dozers, etc. that the boy will have loads of fun with.  He still loves his wooden trains from last year, too, so this is right up his alley!  


I love that they’re made from natural wood in the US.



Here is  their Four Piece Train Set.  Isn’t it just yummy?!  I chose this because he can use it without pulling out the big bin and the hundreds of pieces that the other set entails.  I am sure he’ll still play with the other one, but this one is easier to get to and less mess!


So, with all of this coming in, a few things have to MOVE OUT!  My dear friend, Cathy, has been waiting 2 months for the book case I promised her.  I am going to get CarKiller to deliver it tomorrow.  


So, out goes the fish tank, (in comes a smaller one!) out goes a book case ~ or 3.  Out goes a table, out goes unloved, or unused or broken toys.  OUT! OUT!! OUT!!!  Out goes excessive clothing… You get the idea.  


I’ve got my Christmas shopping well-started and my house being streamlined (i know, it doesn’t look like it, but it is!) and I’m feeling great about it!  All this work is wearing me out, but I’m loving it.


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One Response to Getting Organized, Getting Ready

  1. snowbabies says:

    I love all of the wooden toys!!!! Jess and I are both “elving” away for your sweet boy!!!

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