We just finished up our second Mapping the World by Heart lesson.  I’ve really enjoyed it ~ again.  We invited two of Cathy’s boys to join us.  It’s a fun group of 5 students.


In our last class, we talked about the limitation of using a flat map to designate a sphere.  One of the hands-on examples involved oranges.  The other, oranges ~ and knives!  For the first, we took a sheet of paper with a world map printed on it (about the same width as the circumference of the orange) and taped one edge to the orange and then taped the other edge (where the two points meet in reality.)  The kids were instructed to make the paper “fit” properly around the orange.  Oy!  No cutting allowed.  They certainly got the point.  For the other “experiment” we marked the equator and Prime Meridian on the oranges and then the kids had to do their best to remove the peel in one piece and then make it flat, as though it would be used as a flat map.  Guess how many succeeded? Yeah.  Zero.  It’s just not easy to do.  We then discussed different projection maps and their strengths and weaknesses.  It was a fun lesson.


Today we covered contour maps, how to read and understand them and how to take a side-view map and make a contour map from it and vice-versa.  It was wonderful to see it all click with all of them.    After that, I gave some homework and we finished up for the day.  I really, really enjoyed it!  This is such a fun course!


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One Response to Mapping

  1. Cathy says:

    The boys are LOVING it! Thanks for letting them be part of your “classroom”. 🙂

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