Fairy Tales, Friends and Viruses

GuitarGirl and MIssKaboom have been participating in a “theater camp” of sorts. For 3 weeks they went to Vive Les Arts, our local theater, and practiced their roles in a production of “Once on This Island, Junior.”  Here is a description of the musical from the VLA website:


An adaptation of the popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, this is the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a young man from a wealthy family. When Daniel is returned to his people, the gods who rule the island guide Ti Moune on a quest to test the strength of her love against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred and death. With its touching story and catchy pop and Caribbean flavored score, Once On This Island Junior is a multi-cultural feast for the heart, mind and soul.


We went to opening night (to the tune of $60! so no, we’re not going to ALL of the performances!)  It was really great to see our girls up there.  They were really fantastic.  I was so proud.  Today is their final performance.  An added bonus of participating in this is that GuitarGirl met another girl her age… a Catholic homeschooled girl!  This girl goes to our parish, but we’ve never met or seen her before now.  She is a very sweet girl who is really in to theater.  This girl spent the night with us Friday night, after the performance.  Finally!  An answer to a years-old prayer!


Tomorrow (18th) they want to audition for a role in a fast and furious production of The Little Mermaid.  The performances will be on Saturday! (23d)  I hope they get a part they’ll be happy with.  Today will be filled with singing girls as they select and practice their audition piece.


MissCreativity and Little d00d are sick.  Stuffy/snotty heads, sore throats, nasty coughs and fevers.  Poor little ones.  We’re going to split up for Mass today so that these 2 can stay home.  I know they can use the extra rest and we don’t share our germs with our friends (and fellow parishioners)!!!


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One Response to Fairy Tales, Friends and Viruses

  1. KC says:

    I’m so happy to hear about GuitarGirl finding a friend.

    Hope the two younger ones get well soon and that the others do not get sick.

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