School On My Mind… Still.

Chief’s trip to Georgia is over.  It was a fast trip with ridiculous hours.  I know he’s still very tired.  Even though he was quite exhausted, he took the kids out last night so that “the ladies” and I could have our adult knitting group without kids around (minus nurslings, of course… they are always welcome.)  The girls and the boy loved it. They went and got a bite to eat and then went to the bookstore.  That is always a winning plan!  I had a lovely time with “the ladies” and there was chocolate X2 and pumpkin, so it was a perfect evening for sure!


It’s been quite a lot of work, but I’ve made a somewhat significant dent in GuitarGirl’s lesson plans for the year.  I got about 8 weeks done!  WhooHoo!  I am using one of Donna Young’s forms.  It’s a PDF with typing enabled.  (Find the PDF here.)  It is a nice form that I didn’t have to set up.  The downside, of course, is that I can’t save the stuff I enter.  I searched and searched and couldn’t really find anything else, so I just decided to use this.  I printed 3 copies of each week ~ one for GuitarGirl, one for me and a spare, just in case.  Not ideal, but it’s working.  The old-fashioned lesson plan books I can get at the teacher’s store would work almost as well, but, well, my penmanship stinks, so typing them out works better for everyone.  


Guitargirl’s day/year looks like this (sophomore/junior work):


Algebra 2 (Saxon and Dive CD)

Ancient History

Ancient Literature

Foreign Language (she’s still deciding on one)

World Geography

Grammar and Composition 2


Religion (Our Moral Life In Christ of the Didache series)


Later this year she will move on to Medieval History, Medieval Literature, Geometry, Understanding the Scriptures (Didache Series).  She will also do “Track”, Music and (hopefully!) continue with Drama (she and MissKaboom are in a drama program at our local arts/theater center.  It’s their first experience with it and they love it!)


MissKaboom’s days/year will look like this (7th Grade):

Algebra 1, (Saxon and Dive CD)

American History

English/Grammar (Lingua Mater, Easy Grammar Plus)



World Geography


Earth Science/Astronomy

Religion (Faith and Life, 7th grade and Friendly Defenders cards, various Saints’ biographies)



MissCreativity’s days/year will look like this (5th Grade)


Saxon 65 (including Dive CD)

Religion (Faith and Life, 5, and various Saints’ biographies)

Language Arts (Easy Grammar, Diagramming and ????? [maybe IEW]  still looking!)

Spelling (continuing a spelling notebook)

Earth Science/Astronomy

American History

World Geography


I am trying to pull together lots of arts/crafts and preschool-type learning activities (and books.  lots and lots and lots of books!) to keep the boy occupied while we are trying to get something done each day. I’m not big about “formal” preschool really, but keeping him focused and occupied with something will be helpful for everyone.   If he manages to learn to write his letters in the process… yay!


When I look at all of the above in “list form” I start to feel a bit overwhelmed.  I mean WHO can do all of that each day????  The reality is that many of those things require very little from me.  An explanation, and introduction, a short lesson and then they work on those things alone.  It’s really only a little bit of time with each of them daily.  The bulk of their time is spent actually working/reading.  I don’t need to hold their hands through that part.  And still!  Wow.  That’s a lot of educating going on!  


That is why I like to get all of the lesson plans ~ day by day, week by week for an entire year ~ done in advance.  We don’t always end up doing things exactly the way I plan, but it is so nice to have A PLAN.  I would be so overwhelmed to deal with the vast amount of learning going on each week while also trying to plan for the next week (or the next day!)  I know.  I’ve done it that way.  It’s not fun.  I love having a sense of direction (and control ~ ha ha!) over that part even if i have to adapt to real life later.  Flying by the seat of my pants just doesn’t work that well for me ~ when it comes to homeschooling, anyway!


So, yeah.  Schooling is consuming me.  I’ve hardly done any knitting for several days.  It’s just that time of year, I guess.


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