School…. Ready or Not, Here it Comes!


Three Boxes of Books

Three Boxes of Books

I’m working up my nerve to dive in to all of my school books and take an inventory, see what I will use again and what I might want to replace.  I need to get ready and on track!  I’m really behind the curve.  But the thought of opening 3 huge boxes full of curriculum is not appealing.  At all.  (okay, it’s a bit hard to see all three boxes clearly, but they’re there.  Trust me.)


Messy School Shelves

Messy School Shelves

Not to mention organizing the books. Our shelves look terrible right now.  And if I’m honest, they’ll look terrible a lot, even after we work on them for this upcoming year, but it’s always SO nice to start fresh.  I’ll just pretend for a minute or two that they will be kept neatly.  A little self-delusion never hurt anyone! 🙂  And seriously, if it does hurt please leave me to my delusion in this anyway.  I’m just not ready to give up hope on tidy shelves (even though MY book shelves are atrocious and the kids will mostly manage these!)

School Supplies, Round 1

School Supplies, Round 1

We got some basic school supplies at wallyworld. They’re just too cheap to pass up. I love spending a little and getting a lot and feeling totally okay with letting the kids use as much paper, crayons, glue, etc. as they want throughout the year, for school and non-school projects. I will be going back, soon, to pick up some more pencils, pens and paper. I never have enough so I will just get some more (especially pencils. I think the kids feed them to the dog or snack on them themselves!)



I don’t know where my excitement went!  I am usually very excited about getting started on a new year.  The struggles of the past year are behind us (and there are always struggles!) and the promise of an exciting, fulfilling year of learning lies ahead.  I’m sure the feeling are there, waiting to erupt, but right now?  No.  Not so much.


I know I’ve mentioned this before.  I’m tired.  I’m just so very tired so much of the time.  I think that is not helping my “attitude” toward the new year.  Anything that sounds like more work is not terribly appealing.  I have enjoyed this break we’ve had and I’m so tired all the time that I don’t look forward to starting back up. But that’s what we do, right?  We just jump in there and do it anyway.


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5 Responses to School…. Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

  1. Emily says:

    It will be a wonderful new year!! Prayers for your first day !!

  2. KC says:

    Any specific reason for this fatique? 😉

    I love school supplies.

  3. becomewhatyouare says:

    Thanks, Em! Eventually we’ll have a first day! 🙂

    Now, KC, you KNOW I’m a blabbermouth and love a good celebration!

  4. Jess says:

    The school supplies were calling to me the other day LOL I didn’t answer though 😦

    I do need to get some notebook paper, where did it all go??? We did have to get some of those erasers you put on the ends of the pencils, pencils we have, erasers, not so much!
    Have a great year!

  5. becomewhatyouare says:

    Love your self-discipline!

    I only buy the mechanical pencils now. That whole, “can I sharpen my pencil?” and “where’s a pencil sharpener?” (we killed every electric one we’ve had) made that decision easy! I thought I’d run out today for more… but it’s hotter than it was supposed to be! Ugh. Had to go to HEB and that was enough… though they did have 88¢ markers and colored pencils I scored!

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