Urgent Request…

I received the following in an email and I pass it along to you for your consideration. If you find this a worthy cause to promote, please place it on your blog or send an email to your friends, but PLEASE leave the following text in tact:

Please help!

My friend, Susan, is involved with the Eucharistic Family Rosary, on Sunday, May 25th at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. This is going to be a huge event with 40,000 in attendance and will be covered live by EWTN.

There is an urgent need for rosary donations.

The local faithful have been working for three years to be able to provide one rosary per attendee, but are still a long way from reaching their goal.

What I’m asking is two things: 1) for you to donate a few rosaries if you can, and 2) to spread the word far and wide.

Don’t feel like I’m asking you to donate 1,000 rosaries (although, if you are feeling called–hey, don’t let me stop you! : ). But if many, many of us could provide just ten rosaries, that would fill a tremendous need. Mission-type rosaries are preferred in order to keep the cost down, but old rosaries, even broken rosaries will be accepted (and repaired) in order to meet the need.

PLEASE, share this link with everyone you know! Permission is granted for this post only to copy the information (exactly as written) and post it on your own blog, send it in an email, or hire a sky writer–just get the word out that rosaries are needed in Kansas City now.

Make, send and scrounge (do not steal, people!) what you have, to:

Susan Smith-Vandegriff, PO Box 74, Raytown MO 64303

Do you have rosaries in your kitchen drawer that you got in the mail from other missions or charities? How about from the generosity of the Knights of Columbus? I know that we have a lot of extras from here and there that we’ll be sending. Please look around and send what you can, but do it now. There’s not time to wait or get distracted. We’re just a few days out, and time is only getting shorter.

Thank you so much! May the blessings of God and His mother be yours, always!

If you send emails, please copy and paste the plea itself, instead of forwarding. Takes just a moment extra, but helps to protect computers against invisible viruses that you may not know you have.

ourlThanks for any way that you can help!

I know I have loads of broken rosaries as well as loads of the freebies I can donate. Maybe you do, too?


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