How Much?!

I wish I could remember where I happened upon this frustrating little tidbit…

The price of groceries has gone up an average of 17% over last year.

Yikes! That explains a lot! I spent too much before. I really did. Now it’s insane. I guess that will be one of my “quests” when my husband returns. Lower that food bill! I know I won’t bother much with it right now, but he’s coming home soon, so I’ll get on it then. I looked at and the grocery game, but it’s just not for me. I’ll have to make up my own game, I guess.

We like some good beans and do eat rice, but we like good meats, fresh produce and a few treats… do I have to move to a farm?! Raise my own?! I am NOT a farm girl. Maybe I can be a garden girl, though. Doubt I’ll save that much that way, though, as my water bill and time will cost something. *sigh*

One day, I’ll fess up to how much I’m spending now and was spending a year ago, but I”m not ready for that yet. The food budget has stretched quite a bit over last year, and this is with one and a half fewer adults as last year! (one and a half because my husband is away and my 20 yo eats hear about half as much as before.) I think MY budget has gone up more than 17%. It has gone up with fewer mouths to feed. Sad.

Well those are my thoughts just now. Off to get a haircut!


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Catholic, Middle-Aged, Knitting-Addicted, Wife, Homeschooler, Mom of 6, Mom-in-Law to 1, Mother of 11 little saints, Grandma to 1, Godmother to 12, Foster Mom to 5, Army mom, Happily living in Texas!
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