Praying For Norah

Little 2 year old Norah is undergoing brain surgery today to remove a tumor at the base of her brain. Please, please pray for her.Here is an update I received from around 6pm Central time:

Update Saturday 6pmMom called. They are finished up surgery. The good news is that they doctor is confident that they were able to remove the entire tumor. It was roughly the size of two walnuts, but it was encapsulated, so they do not think it had any impact or that she will have any lasting effects on brain fuction.The bad news is that the doctors are quite sure that the tumor was an agressive malignant tumor. They are obviously going to do further testing, but if they are correct, Norah will have to undergo chemotherapy to many months. They will know more in a day or so.Mom and Dad are headed up to ICU to see her in the next half hour or so.

Update Sunday 9am

She’s in the MRI now. They had trouble getting her in to sleep so craig went back with her. She’s been pretty groggy, but talking and moving all four limbs.

Update Sunday 11:30 EST

Mom says they are back in the ICU. Norah did great with the MRI, just waiting for the results. Mom is trying to get us a picture too. Keep praying that the results are good news!!

Update Sunday 1 pm EST

They are out of ICU and back in a room. Norah has been sleeping soundly for a couple hours now and Mom will update us when they hear the results of the MRI.

Update Sunday 2 pm EST

Big updates!

The MRI came back perfect, they got all the tumor! Norah is still doing great and keeps asking for apple juice. Mom asked her if she was hungry and Norah told her “no”, then Mom asked if she would be hungry later and Norah said, “yes”. Mom then asked what she would be hungry for and Norah told her “grapes and cereal”. This is great!

Norah’s arms are a bit weak so the physical therapist will be coming in to start working with her. This was expected since the tumor was in the area of the brain that affects coordination. They also had to shave Norah’s head from ear level down and over to the middle of the back of her head, so from the front she looks like herself, which is also great so that Norah doesn’t get scared when she sees herself.

Mom and Dad are staying at the hospital with Norah until she is released. Baby Sister is staying home at their house with grandma and she brings Baby Sister to visit daily. They expect Norah to be in the hospital until late next week, Friday or Saturday. They should know the results of the tumor (benign or malignant) on Tuesday or Wednesday, and if it’s malignant they will discuss a plan of action and probably start chemo in about a month.

Mom wants to thank everyone for their continued thoughts and prayers. She is so grateful for them and knows that our prayers are working. Keep them coming !


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2 Responses to Praying For Norah

  1. primarycat says:

    Sunday updates: Wonderful news!! Still praying!

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