The Third Day of Christmas! Christmas is Here!


Christmas is here! Our Christmas has started off as a wonderful celebration of the Lord’s birth, a celebration of family and friends, peace and good will.Today is the third day of Christmas and can I just say how pleased and relieved I am to have these 12 days?! How can we possibly celebrate the Incarnation well in one day?! We are continuing to celebrate God becoming man. We continue to play Christmas music. Our tree is still up and will remain up until the day after Epiphany, we are still baking Christmas goodies and just trying to fully embrace the season.The kids seemed to have enjoyed the celebration that began with the Vigil Mass, followed by our traditional spiral sliced ham and potato soup dinner and our family gift exchange. Of course, they were terribly spoiled again this year with many wonderful gifts. This, of course, is but a small icon of THE Gift the Father sent to the world in his only son being born in a stable to save us from our sins.

I am struggling a bit with all of the material gifts that we give to the kids.  I worry that we’re sending the wrong message and taking the focus off of Christ and putting it onto STUFF, but when I calm myself down and really think of it, I realize that this is not true. Sure, they get a lot of good stuff. Yup, we spend too much money. But really, if we are, in a sense, imitating what the Father gave to us in His only Son, Jesus, then we’ve not even scratched the surface. We deliberately focus on this and talk about how none of these gifts, no matter how wonderful nor how loved or desired, can compare with the gift of Jesus to us. We make sure that we all remember that we cannot compare to such a thing no matter how much we spend or how many gifts we give. And we do our best to live out Advent and Christmas, as Christians (not just consumers.) So, I know I have to keep it all in perspective. Just as it would be a lie to focus solely on material things, it is also a lie to make gift-giving an occasion of guilt.

We most certainly missed dad/husband this year. It was quite sad to not have him here. It was also more difficult to get the things we typically do done! Things did not go as they usually do, but where there was something lacking, we just moved on realizing that this year IS different and that is okay.

On Christmas Eve, I received the custom made rosaries that I ordered from Miracoli Beads. (she’s local to me, so this delivery time was both arranged and acceptable.) Everything about these rosaries, from the beads and wire, packaging and the little touches of grace …. prayer cards, personalized note, rosary and chaplet cd, a beautiful rosary pouch and the prayers that went into her work…. exceeds expectations. REALLY. I am a wee bit envious of my daughters over these…. I’m thinking someone needs to put a little bug in my husband’s ear about this!

I cannot express how lovely these are. I cannot speak too highly of the quality of the rosaries or the sincere love put into them. Jennifer worked with me with the designs, taking my girls personalities, strengths, weaknesses, favorite colors and my preference for simple, yet elegant and not too ornate into account. She must truly be inspired in her work because they are perfect! I gave her a few guidelines and from here she came up with the best design for each daughter. Truly, they now have heirloom quality rosaries that will last them a lifetime! At the risk of this entry becoming a ‘commercial’ for Miracoli Beads, I sincerely and highly recommend Jennifer’s work. If you want a high quality (I mean HIGH QUALITY) rosary for yourself or a loved one, please visit Jennifer’s site before you make a decision. Our rosaries were a bit pricey, but it was the best money I spent this Christmas! PHOTOS TO FOLLOW!


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One Response to The Third Day of Christmas! Christmas is Here!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sue, you humble me! It’s me who needs to be thanking you. Thank you for sharing this little workbench on your blog…but thank you most of all for your trust every step of the way; it was a pleasure.

    Blessings : )

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