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We beseech thee to listen to our prayers, O Lord,
and by the grace of thy coming enlighten our darkened minds:
You who lives and reigns with God the Father
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Well, I think it is pretty clear that in spite of my good intentions to share the Advent activities in our home with you that I am just not going to get to it! Not that this is a loss for you, as there are much better resources for ideas out there.

It is early Gaudete Sunday morning and I am quite joyful, as I ought to be. I am joyful, of course, for our salvation is near in the coming of the Lord. As we approach Christmas, I cannot help but become joyful for all of its meaning for me. After the waiting and longing in the darkness, the bright light of Christmas is nearly here!

I am also joyful because as I type this, my sonS are on their way home. Our second son made a long drive to pick up our oldest son from the airport. Our oldest was to come in last night at around 10pm, but he was flying through Chicago and the weather prevented him from coming in on that flight. He was able to get on another flight, but this one to another city, much further away and not arriving until 2am. They’ve been up all night. This morning after Mass, they will be going to see the Dallas Cowboys play (our oldest daughter will be going along.) It is going to be a very long, exhausting day for them and I can’t say I’m not a little nervous about how well they’ll handle being so tired and driving so much. They will definitely be covered in more prayer than they usually are!

The three youngest kids and I will be here, baking cookies, doing a little decorating, wrapping a few presents and, of course, watching the games! (While my older kids will probably enjoy the Cowboys game, we all know the most important and exciting game will be the Packers game! Oh, and son number 2 IS a Packers fan. He’s going to the Cowboys game to hang out with big brother and little sister, NOT because he’s betraying our team! hahaha!!!)

Hold on, my friends! We are almost through Advent and are soon to enter the joy of Christmas. This week we begin to get a taste of that joy. Embrace it and let your hearts and homes be filled with it!


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