Second Sunday of Advent

Stir up our hearts, O Lord,
to prepare the ways of Thine only-begotten Son;
that through His coming,
we may be worthy to serve Thee with purified minds.

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I guess I never got back to that follow up entry. Rather than blogging I was spending time with my husband. He just left to go back to the sandbox. We had a really nice time with most of the family together (number one son is still out east.) My husband will be home in less than 6 months! YAY! It is sad that he will not be here for Christmas. Rather than getting too down about that, though, I am trying to just rejoice that our son will be coming home soon and will get to spend a lot of time with us. He missed Christmas at home last year because he was in Iraq, so this year is particularly sweet.

Last week we celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas (complete with goodie filled shoes!) and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This week we celebrate a few feasts : today is the feast of St. Juan Diego (Dec 9), to whom the Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared , Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec 12), St. Lucia (Dec 13), and St. John of the Cross (Dec 14).

Today, I hope to make the Juan Diego craft found HERE . Later this week we will make OL Guadalupe ornaments (similar to the one found on the previous link) and set up a shrine for the week. We will also make some St Lucy doll/ornaments for St Lucy’s feast day. I’m not sure what, if any, craft to make for the feast of St. John of the Cross. Maybe we’ll make ornaments for this, too.

We are going to have alive Christmas tree this year. My husband has a hard time with live trees, but I just love them. Since he is unable to be with us this year, I decided I ought to take the opportunity, while I had it, to have one more live tree. Normally, I don’t put up our tree before about 22 December, but I am thinking about getting things all decked out a little early for our oldest son. He won’t “oooooh” and “ahhhhhh” about it, of course, but I think it might do his heart some good to see a bit of Christmas cheer. I’ll be explaining to the younger kids that this is an outward reflection of the internal preparation we should be doing for Christmas (and that it is an exception because of brothers first Christmas home since his deployment.)

We had actually planned to go to a Christmas Tree farm nearby, but they are forecasting rain today! It figures! So the question that remains is: do we want to go find a tree in the rain (tree farm or somewhere else) and get started anyway OR do we want to try to wait? Our next opportunity to go with our second son is Wednesday when he has a day off from work. After that, our oldest should be home. I would really appreciate the help from our second-born both with the other kids and with the tree. I think, too, though he is way too cool to admit it, that he would enjoy the outing and the whole “merriment” of finding and setting up a tree. I have a few hours to decide.

This week I will be digging out our Christmas things from the garage… EEEEEEEK! That ought to be, um, fun. Also, as much as I tried, I did not finish my Christmas shopping before Advent. I hope to finish that up this week as well. I was doing a little online shopping last night and I tell ya, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed! I will be so releived when this is all done, wrapped and ready to go.

Well, I think I hear my little monastic bell tolling (the toddler) and I ought to go give him some kisses!


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