Fantastic Time

We had a fantastic time at the game. There was a bit of stress involved, of course, but it was great. And the best thing? The Dallas Cowboys now know that they can beat the Packers backup quarterback! Seriously, Aaron Rodgers did a pretty good job. It was good to see. I hope Favre is resting that arm and getting ready for the 9th. Playoffs are coming soon. Here’s hoping for a Superbowl win again!

R&R is really flying by. I can hardly believe we’re getting down to the last days. It seems there just isn’t enough time! I know it is not true, but I don’t feel that I’ve spent much time with my husband. He’s done loads of things with the kids ~ as he should ~ and there are odds and ends around here that he’s doing (like fixing my computer: new hard drive, more RAM, fix the dvd-rom…) and he has things he needs to do for when he goes back. I keep thinking, “maybe in a couple of days we’ll go do something, just the two of us.” It will happen. It will happen, right?

As requested, here are a couple of pics of the longies and ladybug hat I just finished :

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I have had a toothache from heck this weekend. Not sure what that’s about as I had x-rays done a few weeks ago and nothing was said about having a bad tooth where the pain is. I recently had a root canal done. That tooth was hurting quite a bit before the root canal. This one is about 50 times worse. I called the dentist Friday. The dentist was out of the office. Her receptionist told me she’d talk to the dentist about getting some meds to get me though the weekend, since the motrin wasn’t doing it for me. I never heard back. Called the pharmacy. Nothing. No one was in the office in Friday afternoon, so I’ve been here, “dealing” with it, taking way too much motrin and tylenol. Off-label self-dosing…. why not? Livers are overrated and ulcers aren’t so bad, right? Ugh. I love my dentist, but I’m really disappointed that I was left hanging like this. If she didn’t think it justified narcotics, I should have been called. Then, knowing the pain as I do, I could have tried to see another dentist on Friday. I really don’t want to sit at the emergency room for 8 hours for this. So I’m slugging through, getting more and more upset with the way things happened with the dentist. I have an appointment late on Monday. I guess I can make it. I’m just really upset that I have to wait so long in so much pain. *sigh* I have had moments where the pain did back down temporarily, and I suppose that is why I’ve gotten this far. A bit of a reprieve can go a long way. I really love my dentist, but if this is the kind of care I get in an emergency, I may have to find someone else. I don’t expect another emergency, of course, but I didn’t expect this one, either.





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