Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (and a few other thoughts)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

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Thy birth, O Virgin Mother of God,
heralded joy to all the world.
For from thou hast risen the Sun of justice,
Christ our God.

Destroying the curse, He gave blessing;
and damning death, He bestowed on us
life everlasting.

Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
For from thou hast risen of Sun of justice,
Christ our God.

Matins (Morning Prayer) ­ from The Divine Office

We began our schooling this week. It went relatively well. I posted a few pics on my homeschool blog. It wasn’t exciting, though attitudes were good and enthusiasm was high.

A little more detail and Son#2’s accident: He was driving a friend over to his friend’s moms house. He turned onto an FM. The speed limit there is 65mps (on that stretch, at least). He increased his speed and was just driving along when 2 street racers pulled up behind him. One was in the left lane (traveling against traffic) and one was in the right, immediately behind my son. As they got close to my son, the car in the left lane continued to pass him and the car behind him pulled over onto the paved shoulder and passed him on the right. The car on the left pulled into the right lane in front of my son first and then the car on the left pulled into the right lane between my son and the other racer.

The cars that were now ahead of my son started braking pretty hard and my son had to also brake hard and turn to the right to avoid a collision. The car spun out of control, turned 360 degrees and ended up in the ditch. My son and his friend are fine, thanks be to God. The car is not. Son, not having been in an accident before and being understandably shaken, decided to drive the 2.5 – 3 miles to his friend’s mom’s house. He had to go 30 miles per hour and the car was making some terrible noises. When he finally arrived at M’s house, M’s neighbor was out and came to see what was going on. He said he heard them coming from a long way off… it was making a LOT of noise! As it turns out, the neighbor was a mechanic once upon a time and he said it looked to him as though the axle is bent and cracked. The wheels were pushed back a few inches and barely cleared the wheel well. The hubcap on the right side is gone and the actual wheel itself (where the tire is mounted) is torn up and somewhat mangled.

The next morning I called our insurance company, USAA, and they have been fantastic. The first body shop I chose (one of 4 listed that our insurance company works with and will guarantee the work that is done) told me that since it is a “down” car it would take them 45 days to complete the work!!! Needless to say, I called the adjuster and canceled that and called the next shop who told me they would likely get to it next week. Within 20 minutes I received a call from mt friend M (son’s friend’s mom) that the tow truck was already there! This service is much more to my liking!

Thursday afternoon, I was brilliant and fell while stepping down from a chair I was using as a step ladder. It was all me. My footing missed where it was meant to go. My right foot/shoe ended up trying to stay put and the rest of me went down. I heard some loud cracks and the pain was indescribable. I knew immediately that I had at least sprained it and worried that it might be broken. (I’ve broken my right ankle twice and the left one once, so this pain was familiar) It started swelling right away and I took 800mg ibuprofin and iced it within minutes. I opted to not go to the ER (my clinic was closed by now) as I did not see the benefit of waiting there with my nursing toddler for 10 hours, leaving my girls behind, and being exposed to actually sick people. I couldn’t put any weight on it for quite some time, but I am mending pretty nicely now. My limp has not yet disappeared, but it seems to be less pronounced. I am keeping the ibuprofin up and I take some every 6 hours, whether I absolutely “need” it or not.

On the way down, I hit my back on the corner of the kitchen island and landed on my bum. My back, arms and bum are all still quite sore. I am quite bruised up. I realized that it could have been my head that I hit and that scared me only a lot. I have been very grateful to God for protecting me, because as unpleasant as it has been, it could have been much worse. I am relieved that my dear Angel was at my side.

Our homeschool group met yesterday at a local park. The moms had a meeting while the kids played. Son#2 came along to First Friday Mass and to the park with us (he needed to drive, I did not feel confident in using the pedals). He ran to the store and picked up some drinks and snacks to share and also a football. He went out to a field with a bunch of the kids and played football with them. The kids loved it! And so did he. He’s such a good kid!

I was able to talk to our deployed son on Wednesday. It is always SO good to hear his voice. He sounded a little out of it. I never know what to make of it. Sometimes he’s probably just tired. Sometimes he probably stressed. Sometimes he probably needs to call home and hear the voice of someone who loves him after a very rough day at work. I don’t know any details of what he endures while he’s working. I know some of it has to be more than emotionally and mentally draining and disturbing… he did earn the CAB, afterall. He doesn’t want to talk to me about the details because he doesn’t want to worry me. He does talk to his brother when he needs to, though.

FINALLY, the contractor is poised to finish his work today! The cricket is built, all the siding is up and all he needs to do is paint it. He seems to want to make up for the fact that this has been going on so long (we signed the contract on the 23d or 25th of July!) He told Son#2 that he is going to fix a piece of siding, not related to the chimney, that one of the dogs chewed up as a puppy (it’s really out of view and only an aesthetic problem) AND he is going to help SuperSoldier find and fix the leak in our sprinkler system…. all free of charge!!!! At first I felt a little weird about that, but I realized that I did not demand or even request that he do anything extra because of the very long wait we had (it should have been no more than a 5 or so day job) and that if he volunteered to do that as a sign of gratitude for our patience (we were patient with him, but we did grumble some with each other and even here!) that it was okay to allow it. I know that when I want to do something for someone out of gratitude that I really appreciate them allowing me to do it.

There is a “mystery smell” in the house. We can’t figure out what it is. The diapers are caught up. The garbage is out (and the cans are not in the garage… sometimes if it is smelly and the cans are in the garage, the smell gets sucked into the house through the a/c) and the bathrooms are clean… well, two of them are and the third [the kids’], while perhaps not sparkling, is not so dirty that it would make the whole house stink.) The dishes are done, the fridges are clean… I just can’t figure it out! Very shortly the children are going to get up and help clean everything one more time and we are going to get the rest of the laundry done and see if we can’t find the source and get it taken care of. We also have a birthday party to attend later today. It should be a busy and fun day.

There is my excitement.  I hope you’ve not fallen asleep!


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One Response to Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (and a few other thoughts)

  1. KC says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. Thank you for keeping us updated on what’s going on in your life! The girls were fantastic today at church!

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