Some Thoughts For a Tuesday

Saint Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

Lord, your martyr Boniface spread the faith by his teaching and witnessed to it with his blood. By the help of his prayers keep us loyal to our faith and give us courage to profess it in our lives. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

Collect of the Memorial of St Boniface

Today is the Feast of Saint Boniface, patron of Germany and of brewers (as in beer!) Today, if the air conditioner gets fixed, we will be baking vanille kipferl in honor of St Boniface. These are delicious little crescent-shaped German cookies. They are probably my favorite cookie and my husband’s as well. We will make a bunch to send off to my husband and son. They are not gooey and will not melt, so are a good candidate for a cookie to send to where it’s really hot. I’ll make a recipe page and post the kipferl recipe there.

It’s hot out there!

As I mentioned above, we are still waiting to get our air conditioning repaired. The service guy is scheduled to come this morning between 8 and 12. I am hoping that his company has blower fans/blower motors for our air conditioning in stock! It has not been a dreadfully hot time. It’s not been pleasant, but we have had some rain and cloud cover to keep the house from getting as bad as I feared it might. CarKiller set up a window unit in my bedroom and we spent quite a bit of time there yesterday and all crashed in mom’s room last night. The overnight low was in the mid 60’s, so that helps! Even with all of these blessings, though, I sure hope they can fix it today!

Even though the rain has been quite helpful in keeping us cooler than we might have otherwise been, I hope that it is over for a while. I need some relief from my arthritic joints and the weather has definitely been exacerbating my arthritis. Ugh!

Poor baby!

The baby was sick all day yesterday, but he was a real trooper. He wanted to play so badly (and did when he could) but was just not himself and was in need of lots of cuddles and lots of “nurnie.” His fever got up to 103.5 last evening. I gave him motrin and tylenol (boy, did that make him mad!) and it brought it down pretty quickly. As I checked him through the night, his fever seemed to have stayed down. I hope that means “it” (whatever it is) is over… but I’m prepared to take care of a sick baby again today. If he’s not better tomorrow, I’ll have to take him into see the doctor. *sigh* I just hope Tricare took care of things and got him moved to another doctor. The practice we were “assigned” to is NOT a good fit for me, though it is nice and close to my house.

Better than okay

Our CarKiller spoke to his recruiter yesterday. About a week after he took his ASVAB, he got his test results and the recruiter told him he did “okay.” We were all a little “disappointed” in the results, but considering he’s not an expert at that kind of testing (having been homeschooled through high school) we figured it was okay. By her tone and the words she used, we really thought the recruiter was telling him that he didn’t do all that well and would not qualify for the jobs he was interested in. Well, was that ever wrong! He is beyond qualified for the jobs he wants and the list of jobs he is qualified for was extremely long. His “GT Score” is 120 (which is good!) and the line scores for the jobs he is interested in are well over 105. I’d say that’s quite a bit better than okay! When he asked her about it, she simply said, “Oh, I was having a bad day that day.” Huh?

I have to say, I took it very personally when I had the impression that he didn’t do as well as we had hoped on the ASVAB. I thought to myself that perhaps I had made a mistake in homeschooling him through high school. Perhaps if he had gone to an institutional school he could have done better. Perhaps if I had turned him over to the “experts” to help with his dyslexia (it’s mild, but he is dyslexic) he could have done better. Perhaps I had robbed him of something important. My pride was wounded to be sure ~ but even more, I thought I had failed my son. I am more than happy to know that he did, in fact do quite well. I am so proud of my son! I am also pleased to be reminded that homeschooling does produce excellent results!

My deployed men are doing well, thanks be to God!


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One Response to Some Thoughts For a Tuesday

  1. snowbabies says:

    hope all goes well with the AC! Its gonna be a hot week.. into the 90’s! Sorry to hear about sick baby! way to go CarKiller! Homeschooling is a blessing! Jer 29:11

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