It Starts!

748. If you asked 100 Army wives about what happens after their husbands deploy, you might be surprised at how common the answers are. Apart from the tears and difficulties of adjusting (theirs or their children’s) you would likely hear from most of them about how things begin to BREAK. The car breaks down and needs major repairs or there is some plumbing issue or the air conditioner breaks down. Something seems to happen at home. Sometimes these are fairly minor or they can be quite major, but either way, they can be difficult!

Call it a test, call it Murphy’s Law, but whatever it is, it’s happened already here! My air conditioner blower fan is not working anymore. Late yesterday afternoon, I started feeling hotter and hotter. I asked my daughter to check the house temperature. 78. Hmmm. That’s really not hot. But we’d been running the a/c at about 76, so it was noticeably warmer, especially with the humidity in the air. The a/c wasn’t running, so I figured someone just felt cold and turned it up. No problem. I simply tell my daughter to turn it down to 76 again. “Mom, it is already on 76!” It is? That’s strange. I told her turn it down so it will kick in. About an hour later I realized I was getting REALLY hot. So I checked again. Hmmmm. Now it’s 81. Hmmmm. did the a/c ever kick on? No, it didn’t. I checked what I knew to check and Home Is Where the Heart Is’s husband came to check things out. It is true. The blower fan is dead (or the motor to it is.) Again. This just happened a few years ago.

I am a wee bit concerned about this blowing out again. Since March, we’ve had our dishwasher, cooktop, oven, a ceiling fan and our TV die. Those things happened in pretty rapid-fire succession. I can’t help but wonder if there is some electrical problem in our house.

I am not sure, but I fear the baby has a fever today. Even though the a/c is out, the house is pretty cool (78) and we are sleeping under a ceiling fan. He feels warm to me and he was a bit fussier than usual through the night. If he is feverish, I will have to stay home from Mass with him. Fortunately, our SuperSoldier can still go and take the girls with him. I hope it’s nothing serious or difficult to deal with.

In happier news, we have new babies in our house! Okay, so they’re just baby black mollies. Still, they are cute and oh-so-tiny!

Here is an adult Mollie with a baby in the background (circled). Pretty small, isn’t it?

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Here are a couple more pics:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well, I definitely need some coffee now. Better check on that baby and the laundry, too.


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One Response to It Starts!

  1. Jess says:

    Boy isn’t that the truth! The toilet always breaks when my dh leaves. Our garage door came off the tracks when he was gone one time…hope nothing else happens at your house!

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