To Celebrate Pentecost

I have to admit it. We’ve never done much to celebrate Pentecost. We talked about it together. The kids know what and when Pentecost is. We, of course, go to Mass. But we’ve never really made much of a family celebration out of it. I guess our living of the liturgical year has a few holes. (and yes, I’m embarrassed by this!) I am hoping to close a few of those holes this year. Obviously, we won’t do a full novena together in preparation, but we can do part of one. I know that at times I am tempted to put things off until next year if I don’t get it started right, in time, etc. But it is more beneficial to start now and do part than to do nothing.

I am looking for ideas of things we can realistically do together… and things we can “combine” with Father’s Day… we are celebrating Father’s Day this weekend since my husband will not be here for Father’s Day.

Here are some ideas I have found:

I will be gleaning activities from these sites and finding some coloring pages for the kids to use. I think I’ll check out the wedding crafts/Wilton aisle at our mega-discount store. There are likely to be doves, ruffles and roses we can use for our cake and table.

I’m pretty excited about celebrating this Pentecost in a manner that is more fitting of such a great feast in the Church… and in our family.

Better late than never!


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