It’s Funny Now

My Friend, Karen, posted some “It’s Funny Now” stories on her blog… I have a million of them, but here are just a couple:

Bosnia Story #1

Back in the late 90’s, my husband was deployed with the Brits in Bosnia. I was “home” in Germany, managing our 4 kids and baking our 5th. We lived in a “row house” that was right across the street from a busy Esso gas station and “kitty-corner” to an extremely popular restaurant. There were always lots of people around. All kinds of people. Some were a little bit scary, even!

I believe we were on the “Super Nintendo” game system at the time and the boys loved, loved, loved to play their Mario game. Loved it. Did I mention that they really loved the Mario game? One of Mario’s cool moves in this game was to take a running jump up a wall and flipping over. It was cool. He made this cool “Boop-Beww!” sound when he did it.

Yeah. My boys loved that Mario game. Played it all the time… even when they weren’t allowed to turn the actual machine on, they played Mario with each other. Our oldest decided one late afternoon to see if HE could do the Mario move. Actually, both of the boys were trying it. We had a nice long entryway. We had a huge wooden front door with a glass panel in it.

From the other room, I heard, “Boop-Beww!” This was immediately followed by the very LOUD sound of breaking glass. Yup. He decided to push off of the glass. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt. But now I am in a house, pregnant, alone with 4 other children with an “open” front door on a busy street. OY! Luckily, I was able to reach someone at the housing office (it was leased housing) and they were able to send someone out before dark to board it up and the following Monday they were able to replace the glass.

I can tell you I was steaming mad then, but it’s pretty funny now.

Bosnia Story #2

During my husband’s R&R of the same deployment to Bosnia as the Mario story, our oldest pulled another one……

There were many, many pigeons that hung around our neighborhood. We were quite accustomed to seeing them everywhere all the time. My husband and I decided that for the first time, we would leave our older boys home while we took the girls with us to the PX. We figured it was about time we showed them a little trust and tested the “home alone” waters. We wouldn’t be gone long, so this was a good time to try.

Now there had been a sickly looking pigeon hanging around our back porch for several days. Our oldest has a BIG heart for animals. He was very sad and kept wanting to do something for it. We explained again and again that this bird was either sick or old and was probably going to die. We told him it would be best to leave it be and say a little prayer for it to not suffer much. He understood, though he was sad.

Or so we thought.

While we were gone, he decided to catch the pigeon (he did) and bring it into his room to “nurse it back to health.” (What was he thinking!?) He brought it into the room that he and his brother shared. They had bunk beds. The poor bird was completely terrorized. He escaped our boy’s clutches and was flying wildly around the room. He landed on our other son’s bed (the top bunk) and let loose his bowels.

All over the bed. It was terrible. All over. Needless to say, SoldierBoy figured that this was a good time to release the bird off of his balcony. CarKiller was pretty ticked off. As were we when we learned of his antics!!!! My husband cleaned up the room, and washed the sheets (WITH BLEACH!) so that his pregnant wife wouldn’t have to deal with it (what a sweetie!)

Yes, it’s funny now!

What are some of your “it’s funny now” stories?


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2 Responses to It’s Funny Now

  1. KC says:

    LOL!!! These are funny!!!

  2. pattonhouse6 says:

    HeeHee Those boys! Thanks for sharing! Karen +AMDG+

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