The First Real Step

So, it starts. The long road to the middle east isn’t quite so long anymore. The first leg of dh’s trip began this morning. He is on a plane headed out east for some processing and training prior to his “big trip.” He will spend at least the next several days out east getting things done. We will have a few days with him back home before he heads out for real. One blessing we received already is that his initial flight to the middle east was canceled, so he gets to leave a day later than expected. Yay!

Our SuperSoldier just left a moment ago to take his ASVAB. I know he’ll do well. He totally kicked butt on the “practice” exam (which was a minimal sample that does, in fact, give you a good idea of how you’ll do.) One more step in the direction of leaving the nest. *Sigh*

We had a nice reprieve from MIlkyWhite’s larger than life reaction to everything that is happening now. It is creeping back in, though, now that daddy is gone. We had a nice long talk about what it means to be a warrior over there (even if you’re not on active duty anymore) and what it means to be a warrior wife and warrior kid.

The big “hullaballoo” over the article written by Matthew D. LaPlante for the Salt Lake Tribune, in which Mr. LaPlante lied about misrepresented Dr. Laura, (who is a military mom like me!) was a good thing for my family. Had he not lied about misrepresented her, I would have never sought out her blog and would not necessarily have found the language and tools I needed to reach MilkyWhite. After reading Dr. Laura’s response, I was able to show MilkyWhite how she can help her dad and show her how she, too, is a warrior of sorts.

We talked about our responsibilities as warrior wife and warrior kid ~ our responsibility to not burden our warriors any more than their jobs demand, to keep the home fires burning, to provide encouragement and give our warrior(s) assurance that we are doing well. She really seems to understand. She knows that it is okay to cry, to be sad, but we have to be careful about not burdening daddy with too much. She sees it as a very important job and a way she can help. Thank you, Dr. Laura. Your son is in my prayer.

It is Armed Forces Day here in America. God bless all of our service members: active, reserve, veterans and retirees. Thank you all for your service. You are much loved and appreciated.

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