15 May 2007

(Creative title, huh?)

Today is the big day! “The boy” is getting his first haircut. I am excited about it, but I think it’s kind of sad, too. How can he be big enough for a haircut already?! It seems that just yesterday he was a tiny baby with hardly any hair at all. I think I’ll have her cut the “old” hair to the length of the new growth. The new growth is probably 1 to 1.5 inches. I am sure he’ll look very cute and I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures! (and share them!)

Today, my husband is getting an ekg in preparation for his deployment. He hasn’t said so, but I think he’s nervous about it. I don’t think he needs to be. He had a physical not long ago and his exam and lab results were more than perfect. He’s quite healthy and I’m sure that he’ll have that confirmed today. After that he’s going to lunch with some of his “former” coworkers. It’s a full day for him again. I am beginning to feel like we’ll never find time to spend together! As long as he spends time with the kids, it will be okay, though.

Our 8 year old, MilkyWhite, who has been struggling hard with dh’s upcoming deployment, big brother’s current deployment and other big brother’s impending enlistment seems to be improving. Last night dh was trying to explain to her about the “far away work.” He was telling her that through the years he has had to go to the far away work many times… sometimes for a short while, sometimes for a long while. This is just a long while. She looked at him with tears in welling up in her eyes and said, “But this is a war!” Ahhhhhhh, a little more information to work with! Good! Now I have to find out what it means to her when she thinks of war. Does she think that men (and women) line up on a battlefield, as in the revolutionary or civil are and just fire across the field at each other? Does she think it’s simply a matter of time before her daddy has to line up in the front, too? I think that helping her understand the nature of this war, where he will be and what he’ll be doing will ease some of her fears. Yes, it’s dangerous over there. There is no way around that. But different jobs come with different levels of risk.

The fact that soldiers are still dying is not something she can avoid if we simply turn off the news (which we have done.) We have funerals for soldiers at our parish on a somewhat regular basis and this week there is another. In spite of that, compared to the danger that others are in daily over there, her daddy will be relatively safe. He may have to do some traveling from time to time and when (if) he does, his risk will definitely be increased, but that will not be the norm. While we cannot promise that he’ll be 100% safe, I think we may be able to ease her fears some. Yes, we’re making progress. Thank you to all who are praying.

Our #2, CarKiller, is thinking that he will delay his enlistment for a short while. Like the good son that he is, he is wanting to stick around a little while to take care of his mom (and his siblings.) I am torn with this, though, as I kind of feel like I’d like to get it all over with at once and get through all the trauma/drama at the same time. It will be nice to have the help, though, and it will be nice to have him here with me. He said he wants to stay until I get a new fence put up, a new security system put in and he wants to paint the house for me. He is such a good son.

Well, my monastic bells toll.

We can never have too much confidence in the good God who is so powerful and so merciful. We obtain from him as much as we hope for.

St Therese of Lisieux


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One Response to 15 May 2007

  1. KC says:

    You have raised a good boy there!!! How wonderful. You must be so proud!!!

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