Random Saturday Morning Thoughts….

My friend, KC, told me that when she views my blog, she sees the sidebars beneath each post. I haven’t adapted the stylesheet or anything. I am just using the basic template, so I don’t know why she is seeing this. I checked it with my two browsers (Safari and Firefox) and the layout is fine on them… side bars on the side. If anyone else is having this trouble, will you please leave a comment and tell me what browser you are using?

A week from today, my husband will be leaving for Georgia for about a week. He will come back home when he’s done with the processing. Just a few, short days after that, he will be taking the long flight. He will stop at a major city in Europe to change planes and then he’ll fly on to the middle east and finally on to his final destination. This really is happening quickly.

It seems that everyday is filled to the brim with preparations. There are the things he must do to get himself ready, but he’s also doing thing to make my life easier once he’s gone. I think I mentioned that we rearranged the bedroom last weekend. The furniture is heavy and doing it myself would have been difficult. We are both so very pleased with the “new” bedroom! Now, on to paint, get new curtains and bed coverings…..

Last night we purchased and assembled a “cheap” (read “not real wood”) wardrobe style computer desk. DH’s “old” desktop is out of the bedroom and will be used by the kids until it dies. We really needed some place to put it to keep it safe from curious toddlers. I am not thrilled with the style, but the price was right. We also went out and bought DH an entire new wardrobe. He really needed to update what he had anyway. Because of this new job, we had to do it all at once. He got everything he needed. Socks, shoes, underwear, dockers, jeans, shirts and even a hat. Uniforms are so much nicer, easier and though they are not cheap, cheaper!

DH will be spending a lot of time this week getting others things together for me and for himself. It feels as though the time is just slipping away. It’s been like trying to hold running water in your hands. There are so many things left to do. Mostly to get him ready, but there are a few things I’d like him to do so I don’t have to worry about them. Things like repairing our sprinkler system. It just needs some minor things done to it, but they must be done. I can call someone to do it. I may have to, but it would be nice if he were able to.

On Tuesday afternoon, the baby, TheBoy will be getting his first haircut. I don’t usually rush into this, but with DH leaving I wanted to do it sooner rather than later. DH really feels like he’s going to be missing a lot… and he will be… so I thought I would set up his first haircut. I have not told dh about it. I only told him we have somewhere to go together on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I have completely dropped the ball. I did not send a card or a gift. It is pretty late for that now. I guess I can try to get something in the mail today, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull that off. I suppose Monday would work, too. *sigh* So much for honor your mother!

I would like to thank everyone who has been praying for my MilkyWhite. She is still suffering in this difficulty, but she is coping with that suffering much better. She is conscious to turn her difficulties into offerings and sacrifices, particularly for other children who are in a similar situation. Please continue to keep her, and us, in your prayers.

I pray that you & your mothers

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have a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day.

Soon I will be writing about “thinking for yourself….”

Blessings & peace


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3 Responses to Random Saturday Morning Thoughts….

  1. KC says:

    I’m reading this on my parents’ computer and the sidebars are fine now. When I get home, I’ll check on my computer again. Happy Mother’s Day!!!! I sent our gifts to my MILs (yes, two of them) yesterday. Just a bit late.

  2. Kara says:

    I have dropped the ball with my mom as well. I did tell her I loved her and that I was sorry. I hope that’s enough.

    Praying for you!


  3. pattonhouse6 says:

    Everything is where it should be on Firefox.
    Blessings, Karen +AMDG+

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